“Pleasing Vértigo” Vallette Gallery

marzo 25, 2021

Me complace anunciar la exposición individual, “Pleasing Vertigo” en la galería VALLETTE GALLERY, de Kuala Lumpur. Desde el día 16 puede visitarse en su pagina web.

We are proud to present a digital Solo Exhibition, “Pleasing Vertigo” by multiple award-winning photographer Jose Conceptes. Architecture and urban landscapes dominate Jose’s works, however, it’s not the structures themselves that take preference, rather the powerful angles and shadows, and the use of light that prevail in these black and white formats which are highly studied compositions, where nothing is random, except for the subjective opinion of the viewer.

Podéis ver la exposición virtual aquí:
You can see the virtual exhibition here: /https://www.vallettegallery.com/exhibitions/pleasing-vertigo-solo-digital-exhibition-by-jose-conceptes/